l'arte in bancarottaINAUGURAZIONE DI BANCA ROTTA, UN NUOVO LAVORO PERMANENTE NELLA COLLEZIONE DI SSE dal duo artista Goldin + Senneby – scuola di Economia di Stoccolma. 

Goldin + Senneby ha precedentemente mostrato le opere collegate alle transazioni economiche e ai sistemi finanziari a SSE. Aggiungendo Banca Rotta alla collezione permanente SSE Art Initiative rafforza ulteriormente il ponte tra l’arte e la comprensione delle imprese. Questo tavolo antico di cambio dei soldi, tagliato a metà, è un ricordo economico del lato oscuro del business; fallimento e fallimento.

by artist duo Goldin + Senneby, Wednesday October 18th at 17.00 in the main hall of the SSE Library, Stockholm School of Economics, Sveavägen 65, 5th floor.

Welcome to the inauguration of the permanent sculpture Banca Rotta (Switzerland, 17th Century, oak) by artist duo Goldin + Senneby in the SSE library, followed by a short introduction by professor Örjan Sjöberg. This new acquisition is made possible by a generous donation by Helena Saxon, SSE alumna, who will equally honor the inauguration by her presence.

Goldin + Senneby have previously showed works connected to economic transactions and financial systems at SSE. By adding Banca Rotta to the permanent collection SSE Art Initiative further strengthens the bridge between art and business understanding. This antique money-changer´s table, sawed in half, is an economic memento mori of the dark side of business; failure and bankruptcy.

Banca Rotta reminds us of a dimension that tends to be forgotten and even repressed in an educational milieu focusing on success and progress. In times when this very table was the instrument of trade of a banker bankruptcy meant a definite end; the death of a salesman and ruin of his whole house of trade. Today we take it for granted that “limited liability companies” offer any entrepreneur several lives, and thereby making “limited liability” one of the most fundamental institutions of modern capitalism. So what are is the messages of Banca Rotta to us today?

For more information about the event, please contact Robert Stasinski, Communications Manager and Editor at robert.stasinski@hhs.se or 0707830959.